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The team designate alot of thought to every little detail, to make sure that is offering all the requirement needed by our lovely comunity.

We are here to let you - our user, the best site you can ask for.

Our guidlines are:

  1. Highest standart of web design. modern, but clean and easy to use web site.
  2. High availability - our hosting ensure 99.95% Uptime.
  3. Fast, Fast, Fast!!! no one enjoy waiting for content loading, the site must be very fast.
  4. Frequently manegement, to maintain the high standart of the site content.
  5. Enormous bandwidth, we are ready to serve thousand of daily users.
  6. NO irritating advertisement, you are here for fun, not to get crazy with popups.
  7. Adaptive site, we would love to hear any suggestion, and try to make every needed improvement that is possible.
  8. Delegation of authority, we encourage serious, active and reliable users, that want to take a part in the management of the site's forums.
  9. Zero patience with disturber users.
  10. Zero patience with users that add illegal metirial.

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