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Our missions are:
1. Continue to be the home and the heaven for armpits lovers all over the world.
2. Make the armpits fetish known around the world, for people that love armpits and think something is wrong with them.
3. Bring the armpit fetish to be famous and known around man kind as a known and normal fetish.

As you can see we work very hard to build the best site for our users.
And we belive that the site should be free, from the beginig we didn't ask money from our users, didn't put advertising, to make sure the site is realy a heaven of armpits.

The development process, hosting, maintence and advertise cost money, after taking alot of money from our own money.
we would like to ask your help to support the maintence and progress of our community.

Hoping that you, as user of our community respect our attiude of free community. And you'll continue our good will, and make a "gesture of good will" by making donations from time to time to the community.

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Thank you for your time, and support. Team.

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