How i got an ex-gf to enjoy showing her armpits

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How i got an ex-gf to enjoy showing her armpits

Postby punx » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:32 am

Funny thing happened few years back. My gf was a pretty hot model (few shoots for FHM etc).. and of course she was familiar with my fetish, and had no probs catering to it.
She wore tank tops a lot, and made an effort to flash her pits and get them real close to my face all the time, coz she enjoys the validation when my boner pops up.

Thing is, she'll only do it directed at me, she'll make an effort to not act too obvious in public about it. She found it embarassing if ppl noticed her flaunting her pits. Not her tits though, she loved getting attention for those.

So one time we were on a bus, and she had both her arms up on the strap/poles, was wearing a little singlet. It was summer, she had a couple day old stubble and a sheen of sweat over them. Her scent reached me even from a meter away. Of course, I bent down, moved my head in and kept it a cpl inches away from her pits.
The bigger my erection and horniness grew, the bigger her smile. She used the buses momentum to sway those pits right into my face. I started telling her how hard she's about to get pounded by me once we get home, etc.. so we're pretty absorbed in our convo.

She was standing sideways, head turned towards me, teasing me with the right pit, and didnt pay much attention to her left pit. When the bus came to a sudden jerk she flew backwards away from me and fell on the guy next to her. For some reason the guys head was near her pit height or he stumbled first , wahtever.. but when she stumbled, her armpit was pushed smack dab into the guys face, right on the mouth and nose. I mean his face was pressed in even more than I've ever done lol, stubble and sweat smearing him. They both kinda fell and landed with her on his leg , arm over his shoulder, sideboob and pit on his face. I assumed the guy would find it gross, since this fetish isnt common. But I swear I saw him open his mouth and nibble on armpit, but maybe he was trying to get a bit of sideboob.. either way, my horniness doubled instantly!

Course she was embarassed and asked if he was OK. She had noticed by now the guys face wet with her sweat and her face got really red, and tried to stand up real quick.
I had other plans though... as she was getting up I pretended to lose balance and bumped into her, gave her a push and she landed in his lap again. This time the guy put his hands out to catch her and luckily (for me) he caught her by her armpit. He stood up still holding her pit and helped her up. Even when both were standing he kept his hand in there for a few seconds.

She was completely mortified by this. I was completely turned on by this. Fun fact, the more emotional this girl got, the more she sweated. Everytime we fought she'd have huge pit stains on her shirt.. which would actually get me horny, and I'd apologize so we could get to make-up sex quicker.
The whole ride her face was red, her tank top got wetter, odor got stronger and my boner got harder.

I looked over at the guy and he did not act disgusted about it... in fact he kept sneaking sniffs of the hand he held her armpit with, Im pretty sure I could see a bulge forming.
I whispered to her what I saw but she wouldnt believe me, wouldnt look up coz too embarassed. I gave her another little shove into the guy and his hands shot out to grab her. He snaked one hand directly into her armpit again, the other grabbed her waist and actually pulled her into his body. It was pretty obvious he wanted to rub his boner on her too. She felt it too and stiffened up and walked back to me with a smirk, embarassment forgotten about.

I kept telling her to raise her arms up again but she was embarassed. I was really turned on by this and when we got home we had real hard fast sex with her holding my head in her pit real tight as we both orgasmed.

After this incident, she got braver about exposing her pits to others in public , and we had a few more fun incidents, she ended up even resting them on strangers arms/shoulders for a few seconds at a time. But not everyone enjoyed it, though most would not move away since her breast would also be touching them if her armpit was. She did have decent jugs...
She once grew out her hair for a couple of months but wouldnt raise her arms in public only showing side pits at best.. that woulda been the golden grail for me if she would flaunt hairy ones brazenly.

I got unbelievvably horny everytime.. best times of my life. But u dont know what u got until its gone.. so I ended up leaving her and regretting it years later... Have yet to find another girl who was so compliant with my fetish.

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