A cute young boy licking a muscular man's hairy armpits..

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A cute young boy licking a muscular man's hairy armpits..

Postby xchillinx » Tue Jul 11, 2006 1:18 am

okay this a true story that happend to me..
when i was young.. i still am.. but a couple years ago.. I went on this gay chatline.. to find myself a man to have fun with..
IM the type of cute young boy who ONLY likes muscular men.. i dont go for boys like myself..
but anyways.. I met up with this straight but curious 22 year old guy..
He picked me up.. and we went out to his apartment to watch a movie..
it was late at night.. and we were on his couch watching harry potter and the goblet of fire.. my favourite movie of all time..
we were having fun.. and suddenly.. he wrapped his arms around me..
he didnt kno i had a armpit fetish.. so i was very happy to have his arms around me..
I moved my nose closer to his armpits.. and i cud smell his armpits.. i cud tell he didnt wear deodarant..and the smell was sooooo good..
I pretended like i was jus adjusting my face. to get more comfortable but every 4 mins.. id move my face back in his pits and id give them a good smell.. mmmmm the smell was sooo good.. it smelt like sweat.. but it jus made u feel soo safe and soo horny..
i got really horny.. so i made my move..
I started to put my hand on his muscular chest.. and i started rubbing it..
he didn do anything cuz i cud tell he loved it..
so i continued on.. i later then place my hands under his shirt and eventually took off his shirt..
when i took off his shirt.. i starred at his hairy muscular armpits as i took it off.. i gave him a kiss on the lips and i sat on his lap and we started to make out .
i asked him to flex his right arm for me.. and he did..
when he flex it.. i seen that muscular hairy armpit waiting for me to lick them..
i moved my face in.. and i plunged my face in his armpit... I took a nice deep breathe.. and i smelt sweat.. and Heaven!!!
i smelt it more and more.. oh my god i coudlnt stop..
he licked it alot.. i cud tell.. so the next thing i did.. was I slipped out my tongue.. and i started to lick his hairy armpits..
fuk yeah.. i tasted the sweat.. and it was heaven....
i licked his armpit for 30 mins.. straight.. im not even joking..
than after that we ended up having really really hardcore sex..
hehe but thats not important..the most important part of the story was me licking his armpits.. mmmm
id do it again over and over again.. !! :D that was the best time of my life.

- the end..

if u liked my story.. email me.. and leave me feedback.. i love feedback!
negative or postive! :D
thank u :)
i am a gay cute young boy
and i love muscular men's armpits.. especiallay if a cute young boy is licking it.. and its hairy.. and sweaty and stinky.. yummy..

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Re: A cute young boy licking a muscular man's hairy armpits..

Postby jakemadrid_17 » Mon May 11, 2009 6:40 am

Man, that gave me a hard on! F**k! :lol:

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